XPR Analytical Balance

No Compromise with your precious samples!
XPR Analytical Balances are the right choice for challenging weighing applications, such as weighing the smallest sample sizes, with exceptional accuracy and a readability of 2 micrograms. Save time, money and materials, and invest in a balance that consistently delivers results you can trust.

  1. Optimize the efficiency of your analytical workflow
    With multiple connectivity options (USB, Ethernet) weighing results can be transferred digitally to your existing information system. The methods library allows you to customize your weighing application and access the workflow instantly.
  2. Detection and Elimination of Electrostatic Charges
    Eliminate electrostatic charges and avoid one of the largest hidden sources of weighing error. Thanks to our patented antistatic solutions, XPR balances detect and eliminate electrostatic charges on your sample and weighing vessel.
  3. Built-in StaticDetect Sensor
    To ensure the highest process security, the innovative StaticDetect sensor detects electrostatic charge on the sample and/or its container. The balance measures the weighing error and provides a warning if the user-defined limit is exceeded.
  4. Integrated and Freestanding Antistatic Kits
    The new ionizer module is easily installed inside the weighing chamber. Synchronized operation of the ionizer with StaticDetect automatically removes electrostatic charge on the object being weighed. Freestanding ionizers are also available.
  5. ErgoClip Container Holders
    ErgoClips not only make it easy to dose directly into unusually shaped containers, but the metal structure acts a Faraday Cage to shield the balance from any electrostatic charges present on samples or containers. Dosing into glass or plastic containers is safe and reliable.
  6. Right-First-Time Results
    XPR analytical balances are equipped with various intelligent functions, such as StatusLight, LevelControl and GWP Approved, which support to ensure right-first-time results by actively monitoring that all relevant conditions for correct weighing are satisfied, giving you the reassurance that your results are valid.
  7. Featured Solutions for Data Integrity in Analytical Weighing
    Effortless Data Integrity
    Connect all your Excellence laboratory instruments to LabX software for full support with regulatory compliance. With SOP user guidance on the balance display, automated recording, calculation and transfer of data (including metadata), and a secure centralized database, LabX helps you meet MHRA and FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements for data integrity.
    Central Instrument Management and Control
    Use LabX as the central control point for all your laboratory instruments: balances, titrators, pH meters, refractometers, melting point devices and more. From any connected PC, you can manage all users and up to 30 instruments, with an overview of ongoing and upcoming tasks.
  8. Economical Use of Your Valuable Samples
    Saving Precious Materials
    Expensive, rare or toxic substances must be used sparingly. Therefore, you need to be able to weigh-out very small samples with a high degree of accuracy. Efficient and error-free weighing processes save materials, money and time. Innovative XPR balance design features simplify sample handling and help you ensure right-first-time results.
    Fast Return on Investment
    With readability as low as 2 micrograms, XPR analytical balances enable you to weigh samples as small as 6 mg in accordance with USP. ErgoClip container holders make it possible to dose directly into your tare container for convenient weighing-in and minimized sample loss. Automatic detection and elimination of electrostatic charges removes one of the biggest hidden sources of weighing errors. With minimized sample usage and right-first-time results, investment in an XPR balance soon pays off.
  9. Efficient Weighing with Smart Accessories
    Optimize your weighing applications with our expertly designed accessories and make daily tasks more efficient and ergonomic. Choose from printers, software, ErgoClips, density kits, antistatic solutions, filter weighing kits, CarePacs and more…

XSR Analytical Balances

Fast and Reliable Routine Weighing Tasks

XSR balances offer a winning combination of reliable performance and truly ergonomic operation. They are not only robust in construction, but also offer high performance even in the tough weighing conditions of a fume hood, next to a production line or in a busy laboratory with high human traffic. The unique SmartGrid weighing pan minimizes air turbulence, enabling XSR balances to settle much faster than balances with a traditional weighing pan. XSR analytical balances have a readability range between 0.01 mg and 0.1 mg, and capacities up to 320 g, to cover all your requirements for everyday analytical weighing.

  1. Accurate Analytical Weighing for Everyday Tasks
    Enjoy high weighing accuracy, automatic doors, ergonomic processes and convenient operation with XSR analytical balances.
  2. Automatic Functions
    Configure the automatic doors to open and close according to your requirements to simplify and speed up repetitive weighing operations. Using the optional ErgoSens accessory allows you to perform selected operations without touching the balance.
  3. One-step Dosing with ErgoClips
    ErgoClips are easy to install and ensure your different sample containers are correctly positioned and held securely on the balance. They enable you to dose directly into your tare vessels – as an alternative to a weighing paper!
  4. Intuitive Touchscreen Operation
    The clear user interface and customizable icons make the balance easy to operate. Integrated method functions provide guided workflows to simplify and speed up daily tasks. The color touchscreen can be operated even while wearing gloves.
  5. Improved Ergonomics in Daily Weighing
    Clever features of XSR analytical balances enable more comfortable weighing processes and the small footprint saves valuable bench space in a lab. The low-positioned weighing pan allows you to rest your hand on the table for effortless manual dosing. Integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces make it easy to connect peripheral devices and accessories to simplify your weighing processes even further.
  6. Automatic Data Handling with LabX
    METTLER TOLEDO’s LabX® software provides flexible SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen. With automatic data handling, calculations and reports, balances powered by LabX easily fulfill the process security and traceability requirements. LabX supports the move towards a paperless lab.
  7. Efficient Weighing with Smart Accessories
    Optimize your weighing applications with our expertly designed accessories and make daily tasks more efficient and ergonomic. Choose from printers, software, ErgoClips, density kits, antistatic solutions, filter weighing kits, CarePacs and more…