METTLER TOLEDO Mass Comparators

M_one and M_10 Vacuum Mass Comparators

The Reference in Vacuum Weighing Technology

Vacuum comparators are used by National Metrology Institutes to improve their measurement accuracy by performing mass determination at constant pressure or vacuum.  

The METTLER TOLEDO M_one and M_10 are designed for various artefacts with results accurate to within 100 nanograms, whilst offering unique flexibility features.

  1. Reference of Mass Determination
    METTLER TOLEDO’s M_one mass comparator  sets a new benchmark in the field of ultra-high precision weighing. Masses can be determined with an accuracy of 100 nanograms, a proven typical repeatability of 300 nanograms and a result data comparison of 10 nanograms.
  2. Contamination-free Transfer
    The Load Lock system with its Artefact Transfer Device (ATD) enables a contamination-free loading process of weights or artefacts from their ASTV  to the M_one without interrupting the controlled environment of the weighing chamber. The vacuum oomparators pumping system creates controlled measuring conditions from ambient pressure down to 10–6 mbar.
  3. Continuously Stable
    The unique Artefact Storage & Transport Vessel (ASTV) ensures objects are always kept in the stable conditions of a vacuum or inert gas and prevents contamination from the surroundings.
  4. Compatible with Different Shaped Artefacts
    Thanks to the unique STAR-shaped weighing pan, the M_one may hold OIML weights from 1 mg up 1 kg. In addition silicon spheres up to 100 mm in diameter or density artefacts can be placed directly on the weighing pan.
  5. Direct Access
    The user places weights directly on the vacuum comparators turntable through the large quick-loading door. Besides visually monitoring your loading process, the ergonomic design allows direct access to the weight handler without lifting the entire pressure enclosure.
  6. Modular Design
    The M_one system, Load-Lock, artefact transfer module and vacuum systems are designed on the basis of a modular concept. Regardless of the initial configuration, this offers the option of expanding the system as the applications demand and the budget permits.
  7. Automated Gravimetric Centering (AGC) of Weights
    The AGC positions all types of artefacts exactly in their gravimetric center before measuring. This reduces eccentricity error to a minimum and ensures the highest possible repeatability of measurements.
  8. Worldwide Comparison by Eliminating Environmental Dependency
    National Metrology Institutes can mutually compare their standards using the M_one and M_10 in combination with the optional Klimet A30V. The Klimet A30V measures all environmental parameters at highest accuracy to determine air density for compensation of air buoyancy influences.
  9. M_Control Software and Optional Efficiency Pack
    Completely control your mass calibration processes with vacuum comparators M_Control software. Use the optional Efficiency Pack for increased measurement accuracy by post-processing of air buoyancy.

Automated Mass Comparators

Automated Solutions for Mass Determination

Automated mass comparators solutions like AX automated weighing systems meet the highest accuracy requirements – up to 0.1 μg resolution and capacities of up to 64 kg. Errors are eliminated due to software-controlled automatic operation of the 4-place weight handlers. Measurement data is securely stored and handling effort minimized.

  1. Unrivaled Accuracy
    AX automatic mass comparators achieve nano-accuracy through fully-automatic processes, centering aids, and a unique design. The balance determines the mass of weights by using the 4-position turntable.
  2. Eliminate Errors – Automatic Weight Handling
    Human error is eliminated due to fully automatic operation of the 4-place weight handlers controlled by Windows®-based software. Automated mass comparators measurement data is securely stored and handling effort reduced.
  3. Continuous Weighing Ranges
    The clever continuous range technology enables use of the entire 64 kg range in 0.0001 g steps. This makes it the ideal solution for measuring non-metric weights, pressure discs for force measurements, gas capsules or small bottles.Get a Quote
  4. Direct Weight Dissemination
    The automated mass comparators AX line increases efficiency by placing several weights on the turntable for each weighing position. This enables you to calibrate the weight decade 1 kg – 64 kg by dissemination without the aid of disc weights. AX1006 and AX10005 offer dissemination with disc weights.
  5. Software Controlled
    The Windows® based software controls all your weighing jobs, which can be imported directly from a LIMS. Autostart several jobs in a row and calculate air buoyancy. Results are exportable to a database, giving you full traceability at a keystroke.
  6. Environmental Recording
    The Klimet A30 accurately measures and records environmental parameters. In combination with the Efficiency Pack, air density can then be calculated, thus enabling compensation for air buoyancy influences.
  7. Efficiency Pack
    Improve throughput by pre-programming multiple tasks and having the robotic or automated mass comparators execute them sequentially. Gain accuracy through post-processing of air buoyancy data.

Robotic Mass Comparators

Robotic mass comparators allow you to avoid a time-consuming and labor-intensive process of manual weight calibration.Automating process with METTLER TOLEDO’s e_Line and a_Line mass comparators provides traceability and assured results in significantly less time.

  1. Reduce Errors
    By automating the weight handling any errors in weight mix ups or eccentric weight placement are prevented. All data is transmitted online preventing of any transcription errors.  
  2. Simplify Dissemination
    By carrying out automated measurements of weight combinations the seamless traceability to your mass standard is ensured.
  3. Save Time and Reduce Cost
    Automating the highly repetitive weight calibration process allows the operator to gain time focusing on other tasks. By utilizing instrumentation capable to run 24 hours a day maximized productivity is guaranteed.
  4. Flexible Solutions Meet Your Calibration Needs
    The e_Line table-top robotic mass comparator is ideal as the first step to automating your weight calibration workflow, whereas the a_Line full-size robotic mass comparator is the perfect solution for high-throughput weight calibrations.
  5. Air Buoyancy Compensation
    The Klimet A30 or ClimaLog30 accurately record environmental parameters. In combination with the Efficiency Pack, air density is calculated enabling the compensation for air buoyancy influences.
  6. Safe Weight Handling
    a_Line robotic mass comparators are made to calibrate weights up to 20 kg. Besides increasing throughput, their strong robotic arms relieve operators to heavy weight lifting.Get a Quote