METTLER TOLEDO Software for Laboratory Weighing

LabX Balance Software

Start Your Digital Task at the Balance

LabX™ software guides you through SOP workflows on all connected instruments to ensure every operator follows the same procedures. It allows you to easily tailor each method to your requirements.Minimize mistakes and calculation errors – let LabX perform all calculations automatically and immediately receive confirmation that your results meet the specified process tolerances.Design weighing methods and access them with just one click. User guidance on-screen is intuitive, reducing time-consuming user training to a minimum.

  1. Central Instrument and User Management Secure Your Processes
    LabX™ Balance software provides a full overview of all connected instruments, no matter where they are located. In addition, user profiles and weighing tasks can be managed centrally. LabX notifies you when a balance test or service is due, ensuring all instruments are kept up to date and weighing results are valid. View your results, and the status of all activities, in real time.Integrate LabX with LIMS and ERP systems. Automate and digitalize your administrative work: Electronic data management is efficient and environmentally friendly.
  2. Automated Documentation for Seamless Reporting
    All weighing data, including metadata, is automatically stored in a centralized database at the time of creation. Installing LabX™ in your laboratory reduces the time necessary for manual data-recording and eliminates the risk of transcription errors.
    With LabX Balance software, you’ll be audit-ready anytime: Access your data 24/7, from anywhere, and generate customized reports tailored to your needs. LabX helps you meet FDA ALCOA+ requirements for data integrity.
  3. Efficiency, Compliance and Standardization in Weighing

EasyDirect Balance Software

  1. Simple Data Management
  2. Simple Instrument Overview
    By providing adjustment, test and service status information, EasyDirect Balance gives you a simple operational overview of all your connected instruments.

Software for moisture Analyzer

  1. Improve your data management and collect results in an SQL database
  2. Reduce Measurement Time with Results Prediction
  3. Embedded Instrument Software
  4. USB driver for HX204, HS153 and HC103

Software for Weight Calibration

Software for Pipette Calibration

  1. Guided Workflow
    Calibry software guides you through all steps of a pipette calibration of single- and multi-channel pipettes and makes this process fast and straightforward. The large cockpit screen ensures an easy and secure operation. The task list gives you a concise overview of all the pipettes to be calibrated. You start the process directly from the list. When you schedule the next dates for the pipettes in the list, they will appear on the screen automatically.
  2. Automated Reports
    Calibry stores automatically all calibration data in a centralized database and collects all testing results in reports. Comprehensive reports comply with ISO 8655 and can be generated at the end of each calibration. If required, all data can be exported and used to generate custom specific reports as well.
  3. Compliant and Traceable Results
    Calibry fully assists you in fulfilling the ISO 8655 set of standards and is fully adaptable to individual processes and tolerances. User management, password protection, electronic signatures and audit trail functionality offer 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. The full calibration history for each of your pipettes is stored in a secure SQL database and you can view data quickly for audits at any time. Calibry can also be validated at your site with the help of our Validation Handbook and we provide world-wide on-site validation at customers.
  4. Free Trial Evaluation Period
    Learn in a 45-day free trial period how the software will improve productivity and simplify your pipette calibration process.Register to Receive Free Calibry Software

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