High-Performance Moisture Analyzers

Premium Moisture Analyzer Performance for Best Product Quality

  • High resolution and hanging-weighing pan for superior performance
  • Designed for measuring low moisture contents with up to 0.001% readability
  • Reduced measurement time with results prediction
  • User management with password protection
  • Guided calibration with built-in test procedures
  • System and network integration for data management
  • Quick, safe and easy cleaning with flat stainless-steel surfaces
  • Integrated method development function for reliable moisture methods

Solid, All-Around Moisture Analyzers

  • Large 7-inch touchscreen with user guidance for intuitive operation
  • Tough metal housing and robust components for use in laboratory and production environments
  • Shortcuts for quick and easy access to methods
  • ID management and connectivity options for simple results documentation
  • Setup wizard and instrument tutorial to get you up and running right away
  • Fast and precise halogen heating for fast and reliable results
  • Integrated method development support

Basic Moisture Analyzers

  • Fast and precise halogen heating for reliable results
  • Brilliant display with large numbers
  • Simple three-step operation with on-screen guidance
  • Measurement progress indicator

SmartCal Test Substance

Fast performance check for moisture analyzers

  • Quick and easy performance test in just 10 minutes
  • Documented performance with measurement reports to monitor moisture analyzer performance over time
  • Testing at point of use for trusted moisture results
  • Done just like a normal moisture measurement
  • Certified version available to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • SmartCal StarterPac to get you up and running right away

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